Tapping microscopy

With this technology it is possible to observe in real time the formation of crystals in the buckets


An empty Pan microscope is an essential tool for monitoring the growth of sugar crystals and anhydrous dextrose crystallizers.

Microscopes are available as a common optical microscope and as a video microscope.

By using a remote control unit it is possible to control up to eight taches on the same monitor in the control room.


Pan control vacuum

Control unit based on microprocessor for the control of a complete bread cycle, including: loading, concentration, sowing, dilution, hardening, unloading and cleaning. With continuous analog control of power supply, vacuum supply, steam supply and temperature. With optional continuous analog control of the power consumption of the pan stirrer.



  • The continuous control of the entire crystallization process
  • Control of crystallization of cooked doughs at all purity levels
  • Optimal crystal performance
  • Small glass size with uniform CV for centrifugation and highly efficient drying
  • Optimal use of the strikeout
  • Little or no addition of water
  • Reduction of steam consumption
  • The increased use of advanced PLC