Electrodos de registro

Catálogo 1 - Electrodo de dedo GSR con Cable


  • Reusable finger electrodes with cable for use with the GSR-200 Galvanic Skin Response Amplifier.
  • Model: A-GSR1B.


Catálogo 2 - Conjunto de tres niños rojos electrodos anulares digitales


  • Set of three children red digital ring electrodes with sliding fit for Small Animals ECG Amplifiers.
  • Model: A-RE-300.


Catálogo 3 - Electrodo Flexible de alambre de plata


  • The C-ISO-F3 is a set of three color coded wires with long and flexible silver wire electrodes for the recording of biopotentials of animal tissues. Like the C-ISO-N3 cables, the C-ISO-F3 leads have colored safety connectors for use with the standard C-AAMI recording cable inputs included in the iWorx teaching kits. The other end of each lead wire C-ISO-F3 has a flexible 24-gauge silver wire electrode (80 mm long) that can be configured to fit the surface of a tissue or organ. These electrodes can be used for ECG recording of hearts or EMG of muscles.
  • Model: C-ISO-F3.


Catálogo 4 - Juego de Tres cables

Juego de Tres  cables que consiste en 3 solo conector pin moldeado a Fe

  • Three wiring set consisting of 3 pin connector molded single pin female connector leads for nerve recording with either the NBC-401 or NBC-402 nervous Chambers bath.
  • Model: C-ISO-FP3 ..


Catálogo 5 - Electrodo Reutilizable de la Copa Oro

Electrodo Reutilizable de la Copa Oro (4 mm) (juego de 5)

  • Set of 5 reusable buttons EEG gold electrodes (4 mm) with TAC-Gel and head strap.
  • Model: C-ISO-GC5
  • Manual: C-ISO-GC5

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Catálogo 6 - Electrodos subcutáneo de platino

Electrodos subcutáneo de platino  

  • Modelo: C-ISO-GNE3